Friday, August 8, 2008

Guess Where I Went...

Well on the way home from Barrie today I got to stop at STAMPING BELLA !!! And woohoo!!!

Went a little crazy :-) like that's a surprise. Hope you're looking forward to seeing some new and exciting cards with some awesome Bellas. Here's some pics of the new stamps I got...

And here's some of the ones that my mom bought on her way to Barrie and I played around with while we were there...

I was playing around with tons of stuff. Most of these are coloured with my Prismacolor Markers. But I also got the Peerless Watercolours from Stamping Bella and the liquid glitter from Stamping Bella. I still need to play around with the colours but I'm sure I'll work it out. I coloured Fifi with the watercolours and added the glitter to the bubbles on Bubblebathabella.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Happy Stamping!


  1. Very Cute Cards!!! You did great! Don't ya just love Bellas!!!

  2. Great collection and you'll be addicted before you know it! Welcome to our world! I love them too. You got some of my favorites! Nice coloring job. I just picked up some Prismacolor markers and I love them! Going to play some more this weekend, but I hope I can do as well as you do!

  3. Great coloring. I'm so jealous you got to go to the Bella store. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

    aka Nelliebella

  4. Wow...when you start you start big. Love the coloring work and all the stamps you picked. Your blog is great too. Welcome to our world. (I'm a newbie too--but a newbie to everything, stamping, blogging, & bellas).
    Where exactly is the Bella store?

  5. CUTE!!! Your shading is so must have nice markers.

  6. I am sooo green with envy!! You lucky duck you!!! LOL That's awesome you could see everything, touch it, ogle it! I'll have to make sure I get to visit them when I'm out this December. I've got a wish list of Bellas...then again it's never ending!

    How do you like the Peerless? It's on my wish list too!
    Cheers! Have tonnes of fun with them!!

    ~Spike :D

  7. Gosh you are productive! All that work (fun) in one afternoon. I love the teddy, he looks so cute, and Bella in the speeding car. She reminds me of Penelope in Wacky Races. Will you be showing us your cards from the stamps you nicked from your Mum? They are already Ooooh, Ahrrr material, but made in a card would be awesome!

  8. OHHHH! You are a lucky girl! I wish I lived close enough to play! lol

  9. These are so cool. I love those superhero ones. Fabby!

  10. I'm so jealous! Enjoy your new goodies!