Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blog Candy - Coming Soon

Sorry I have nothing new to share with you today. Today was another one of those days, after a very long night with Jonathan, I was up and running around. I had previous plans to hang out with my friend Lisa, which I did, but didn't get much done other than stamping out some of her stamps :-) After that it was running around and husband is coming home at "oh my god" in the morning (4am) after being on a business trip in Texas for the past week. And of course I've been a little lacking on the house cleaning, so with a little help (lots of help) I was able to get the place spic and span. During the massive cleaning spree my wonderful Dad was putting up two florescent lights in my craft room, Yah Me!! Now that I can see everything (including the dirt) it's time for my craft room to get a little clean out. That will be my next job when Madison heads out to school next week.

Well hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to do a little creative work, while the kids are hanging out with Daddy (he owes me!).

Happy Stamping!

Oh and I almost forgot - I'm getting really close to 250 hits which means blog candy time. I'll get it all together this weekend and hopefully post on monday if I hit the marker. Keep your eyes open!

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