Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wow, what a lotta bella's!

Want to see what 1,320 Bella's looks like?
Sorry there was no post yesterday, I was until 1am sorting out Bella's for an image swap that I am hosting on SCS. There were 6 groups of 10 ladies, and each person had to stamp 22 of their chosen image. So all together there were 1,320 Bella's to organize, repackage and send out in the mail :-)PS - Bella loves the Bellas - the ladies in my swap were very lucky to get them back, I had to fight with the wild cat to get mine back, lol.

So with that all sorted I jumped in the car at 8am this morning (let Madison play hooky from school) and headed on over to the border to send out the packages, and go shopping of course! Well only 13 hours later and I'm finally home. Can you believe that Hobby Lobby had 50% off all scrapbooking paper and selected stamps. Yah me!! I have a couple photos to show you a few of my little dollar purchases. Finally found those ever wanted Studio G stamps.

Well back to business tomorrow, have a great night.

Happy Stamping!


  1. WOW! that was a big swap!! I can't wait to get my images back, and it look like you made out ok in the US:) I need to get over there soon!!

  2. Wow, SCORE!!! You "did good" on this trip! Good for you!!! ;-)
    Hey, did you see my darling GF card posted? I've been having allergy-related sinus headaches & honestly can't remember if I commented or sent you an email that I got it & LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much; you're so sweet!!! ;-)