Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Mail Day!

I'm am sooo sorry that I did not get any cards done today. My little guy caught another cold but this time it was way worse. The two of us were up all night because he would fall asleep, I would lay him down and then he would roll over and start gagging. Poor little man. I had him in the swing to keep him upright but he still kept waking up every now and then. So the night consisted of swing on, fall asleep, swing off, sleep 20mins, wake up screaming, swing on...you catch the drift. A very sleepless night. And then today he didn't want to take any naps or else he might start choking again...he finally fell asleep at 8:30pm tonight. I held him for quite some time and then put him in the swing, so far so good. "Knock on Wood"

Well enough of that. I didn't get anything done but I did get lots in the mail. I am in the process of wrapping up a Bella Image swap on SCS so these are slowly trickling in. Along with a couple of swaps I received a card from one of my SBS22 Sisters and cards from a swap that I had particiated in (I'll post photos of those tomorrow).

First here is a friendship card from my SBS22 Sister, Deborah(Megan). Thank you Deborah! Oh and thanks for the paperclips too :-)

And I also received this lovely card from Janet (corrosive69), she is the hostess of the swap I participated in which was Rockabella cards. Believe it or not but there is a 3D paint or such on the bunny slippers and her rollers, Very Cute!!
Happy Stamping!

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