Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Madison's first day of school. My baby is in grade 2 (snif, snif). I remember when she was a little baby like her brother. She absolutely could not wait to go to school. I swear she woke up twice last night in the middle of the night to ask me what she was going to do with her hair and if the outfit she picked out was okay. How cute is that.
Every time there is a special occassion we take her picture outside in our front yard under this tree. This year I had her hold her little brother. He loved looking at all the little kids at school, I'm sure when he gets older he'll want to go with her.She got homework today too, but it wasn't for her it was for me, what?!?!? Too funny. Sorry I didn't do any crafting today, just a lot of napping with the little guy :-)

Happy Stamping!

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  1. Darling picture of both your darling kids!!! What a treasure to have those photos all under that same tree! Brilliant idea!