Friday, September 12, 2008

A couple of cards to share...

I got the chance to colour in another Sarah Kay image that I received from my stamping sister Jhet. I really like these and so excited that one of my lss is looking into getting them, yah me! So this card is really simple, It is a kraft cardstock base with the stamped image and some metal corners (from the dollar store) and a little bit of ribbon. Very simple yet very nice.

And then here is another simple yet elegant anniversary card using SU stamps. Can't remember the name of the set, Garden Collage or something like that. Again I used a metal corner that I had, one of this items that I was hording and didn't want to let go. Use it or lose it, hehe.
Happy Stamping!


  1. How nice of Jhet to share these images with you, the girl is just adorable!! I also like your Wheel Things cards using them as planters was a neat idea, I'll have to see what stamps I can do that with!!

  2. Both cards are beautiful, but the coloring on your Sarah Kay is AMAZING! Nice job!