Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Notes

Okay so this year I vow to make whatever I want, whenever I want and use everything. Yes I said EVERYTHING!!

Are you like me that you have stash upon stash of the coolest scrapbooking supplies ever? But you just can't bring yourself to use them.

Well then ladies, this is the year. Use all those supplies that you have been hanging onto - what is it going to hurt. Wouldn't you rather see them in an awesome completed project than sitting there collecting dust in the package.

Check out this - a love note collector. You can hang it on the door to you bedroom or on your cubicle at work :o) Make one for the kids, have fun. I'm using my awesome pure white prima flowers like there is no tomorrow and guess what...I still have more left.

I used a giant coaster for the base and covered with some really awesome little yellow bicycle valentines paper. Yes it is double sided but you know what...that one side looks great! Check out the detail that I "hot glued" on. Yup I used my glue gun :o) I even made those little ribbon flowers from some really cool ribbon that I got at Michaels eons ago, you know the ones that come on the wooden spools that I bought with a big glass bowl to display them in. Well they are not going to be displayed anymore - they are going to be used.

Lastly I have a view from the top for you. You can see how deep I left it to put all your favorite valentines into. Even if you don't get valentines anymore it is a super cute holder that can be used for so many things. You don't even have to do it for valentines day, you can do one to hold postage or pencils.

I hope you enjoyed my ranting :o) All I can say is prepare to be amazed. There will be project upon project and I will not be holding out. I'm going to use it all!

Happy Stamping!


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