Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Class Valentines

This year for Madison's class valentines we decided to do nice and easy. We love to make them but I know that the kids are just ripping them apart and throwing them out :-)
So cinnamon hearts in a baggie it is. Madison did all her own coloring too - less work for me.

We went to Port Huron last weekend just for fun on Sunday and of course I checked out the Jo-Anne's Fabrics flyer first. They had this little sewing machine on sale and I've always wanted a machine to do some stitching on my cards. I really like the look that you get from it. I'm actually pretty excited because I think it will go well with my chipboard album I'm working on - the paper is a sewing theme. The sewing machine is basic and only does the one stitch but for mre that's probably the best idea and it doesn't take up very much room. Even handier is that you can take it with you when you go to crops - neato!
Well stay tuned for some stitched projects. I'll be sure to share.
Happy Stamping!

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