Friday, April 6, 2012

Bling it Out!!

Okay, so I found some new friends :-)  
The are the new mini size 1 oz Glimmer Mists - I had the opportunity to grab quite a few at a local scrapbook store that was closing.  How could I leave any of them behind.  I wanted to play with them so badly that I just took out a couple white flowers and started to spray away.  

 So I started of with Denim Blue and forgot that I had sprayed a chipboard bird the night before with Pomegranite and didn't use a baby wipe to clean off my matt.  So, needless to say that my Denim Blue flowers were trimmed with Pomegranite - it actually turned out really cute.

After that I went crazy and sprayed two and three in each color.
 I've been hanging onto these really cool pictures that Madison had done at school which are holographic.  They are really different - you can kind of see the colors in the last photo that I took from the side.

These pictures really don't do justice for the bling factor but to see them in person they pop.

Happy Papercrafting!

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