Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Ornament #1

We did a little shopping in the states today :-) and of course got some crafty stuff!  You'll have to check out my video on you-tube to see some of my goodies.  I also included some finds from Wal-mart here at home.
Madison picked out these light bulb ornaments from Mary Maxim so we got a couple of them.  Jonathan brought home his school pictures on Friday which worked out perfectly.

Take a look at the finished ornament - super cute.  I tied some red and white twine around the top and added a holly confetti which is a thick chipboard full of glitter - I found them in the giftwrap section of Wal-mart in the states.  I added a half back pearl to the center.

Inside is some micro bead and tinsel glitter and then I added a little tiny light bulb that I cut off a piece of trim in my stash.

We will have to wait until next week for Madison to bring home her picture so that we can make her ornament.

And stay tuned for some christmas cards - we are really getting into the holiday spirit now!

Happy Paper Crafting!

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