Friday, March 18, 2011

March Break Project

So I had told myself that this march break I was going to finish the growth charts that I had planned on making for my kids quite some time ago. All that I had started was picking out the patterned paper and cutting down the chipboard. So of course I had a long way to go.
Well, today is friday and guess what?? After being sick again!! taking the kids to the states for an overnight shopping trip and just cleaning up the house in general I've finally "partially" finished Madison's. Now I say partially finished because I still need to cut tags to go into all the pockets and of course add pictures or journaling.

This project is from one of my favorite blogs to staulk. Following the Paper Trail. Laura has some of the coolest ideas and this one is one of my absolute favorites. The album or growth chart is held together with a measuring tape, so that you can put it up on the wall and measure your kids as they grow or put all your memories of your kids growing up if they already are.

At the side of each page is a pocket which will have tags with ribbon hanging off of them. The bottom has charms which Madison picked. A rhinestone heart and a soccer ball, because she loves soccer.

The paper clips on the measuring tape can be used to point out important occassions or just for decoration.

This was really fun. Jonathan's pockets are done, just need to attach them with the measuring tape and do all the embellishing.

Happy Stamping!

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  1. Sarah, this is amazing! I love it. What a clever idea, especially with the tape measure on the side. You could totally sell these on Etsy!