Friday, January 25, 2013

Keep Calm...

I had a great little haul purchase from the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago and in it I found these super cute tiny crowns and wands.  I immediately thought of the Keep Calm signs that you see everyone and in particular one that my cousin showed me over the holidays.  So of course I had to make one.  It was a little more detailed then what I had anticipated, I had to add the layer of paper because my letter stickers would not STICK!

My original plan was to use the letter stickers as a resist by sticking them down and painting the pink and glitter and then removing the stickers, well they didn't like the texture of the canvas.  So then I decided to just use them as they were shiny enough the way they were so I tried to stick them to the pink glitter background - no dice!!  So in the end I glued them to the cardstock and used my new mini 8 corner punch. 

I do love the way it turned out though - very sparkly!!  Now I just have to make more :-)

Happy Paper Crafting!

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